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 IT is About People,not just




Our customers come in many shapes and sizes, In every sector from the small CPA firm to the large surgical microscope manufacturer. All of them benefit from our core values.


  • Computer Resources has been providing better IT to SMEs for 29 years.


  • Our highly qualified professionials give clear, unbiased advice in plain English.


  • We listen to our customers,understand their business needs, and deliver approriate IT solutions.


  • Our world class customer service is backed by our unique proactive service warranty.

Thinking BIG with our company

Whether you are launching a new business or preparing to expand your existing one, laying a solid foundation for the future is critically important.By understanding and addressing the specific requirments of each customer, we deliver personlized IT support, planning and management that results in improved technology infrastructure and ensures business continuity.

Intuitive Creative Vision

Intuition is critical in virtually everything you do. But, without relentless preperation and execution, it is meaning less for all of us at CSR, intuition is not a substitute for rigourous thinking and hard work, it is simply the lead-in. We never take shortcuts. We attend to every detail. We follow where curiousity leads. So we can bring your vision to reality.


Honesty,Trust and Simplicity

Respect is earned: Honesty is appreciated: Trust is gained: Loyalty is returned. At Computer Resources we embrace the motto of Honesty, Trust and Simplicity to prescribe a loyal lasting relationship with our clients,allowing us to unlock the answer to I.T. Simplicity.


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